My Favorite Christmas Traditions
- November 27, 2017

My Favorite Christmas Traditions


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

Christmas holds such a special place in my heart. My loving Savior humbled himself and came down to earth to be born in a lowly manger, to later take my place on an old-rugged cross.

To me, Christmas time has always been such a joyful and peaceful time. When I say it has always been peaceful and joyful, it doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced lonely Christmases; but, somehow I always have been at peace in my heart knowing that this is a time to celebrate God and His coming to earth in the form of a human, baby Jesus.

We can’t deny that this time of year is incredibly festive, because it is!! I personally believe there is nothing wrong with Christmas trees, twinkly lights, sugar cookies and presents. In fact, I believe this is the most well-deserved time to celebrate and decorate. I mean, why wouldn’t you party at the coming of The Savior???

Below are listed some of my favorite family Christmas traditions:

Christmas Music:

I think my personal favorite tradition is Christmas music. Typically, I don’t start listening to it until the day after Thanksgiving; but, this year I found myself listening to it during the second week of November. Whoops! Below are some of my favorite Christmas songs.

Mary, Did You Know? by Pentatonix

Old Time Christmas by Randy Travis

White Winter Hymnal by Pentatonix

Christmas Must be Something More by Taylor Swift

Mary’s Boy Child by Glee


Christmas Eve Church

Growing up as a missionary kid in Brazil allowed me to attend church and church-related activities more so than most would growing up. That’s something I definitely think I took for granted sometimes; because, now that I’m older, I find it harder and harder to attend church events more often.

Growing up, we always went to some sort of Christmas eve service. There was always Christmas carols, food, fellowship ,and other years we would have games and even white-elephant gift exchanges! I absolutely loved that we would spend from around 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm or so celebrating Christmas with fellow believers.


Reading the Christmas Story ( Luke chapter 2 )

My dad always read the Christmas story before we opened our gifts. It is the most beautiful reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. He almost told it better than Linus from “Peanuts”.

Maybe he wasn’t quite as cute.

Opening Gifts at Midnight

My family incorporated a very sweet Brazilian Christmas tradition by opening gifts on Christmas Eve at exactly midnight. Not only did I love that the fireworks went off exactly at midnight, making the city sound like a festive, what we called ” war-zone”, but we were also able to play with our presents before we went to bed. I also loved that we stayed up late rather than having sleepless nights then waking up at the break of dawn to open gifts, plus it was pretty great being able to wear a new outfit on Christmas day!!!


Christmas day Brunch

Another huge benefit to opening gifts on Christmas Eve at midnight was sleeping in and then having brunch with my family and our co-workers. Growing up I didn’t suffer as much with food sensitivities, making brunch so much more enjoyable. There were scrambled eggs, home-made cinnamon rolls, coffee, bacon, fruit and so much more! Honestly, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Christmas day was always so relaxing with lots of laughter, music, and conversation.

This Christmas will be the first Christmas married to Jackson, and I can’t wait to mold both of some of our family traditions together and create some of our own.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Always looking for great ideas!!!


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  1. I love the idea of opening gifts at midnight! Our family does something called the Giving Plate. Someone starts with a plate and makes cookies or some other sort of treat and they pass it on to another family member. And they sign their name and date it on the back and pass it on to someone else the next year. Ours has been circling around for over 10 years!

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