Meaningful Tattoos: My Second Tattoo Experience
- December 29, 2017

Meaningful Tattoos: My Second Tattoo Experience

My Second Tattoo Experience


Christmas was an absolute smash this year!! Spending my first Christmas married to the love of my life has been a fairy-tail! My sweet husband lavished me in gifts; but, not only that, he took me to get my second tattoo!!!

Now, I know that in some circles there is a lot of controversy when it comes to tattoos; but, I personally believe they are beautiful, and every tattoo that I get will always have a deep and precious meaning to me!

My first tattoo is on my ankle; it is an embellished treble cleff with a cross in it. This tattoo is a constant reminder for me that worship isn’t ONLY through music, but through daily life. Living a sacrificial life that worships my heavenly Father.

This tattoo on my ankle took maybe about 15 mins to complete, and I remember it hurting only a little bit.



For a very long time, I contemplated what my next tattoo would look like and where I would have it placed. I want all of my tattoos to have very significant meanings behind them, so you can imagine how long it took me to really decide on one that meant enough to get it tattooed on my body FOREVER! I finally decided to get a lavender with the words “Grace upon Grace” tattooed on my shoulder leading down to my heart.  Let me explain the reason behind my tattoo.

Now, this year (2017) there has been a constant reminder that I have been hearing everywhere: through books, my devotions, sermons, music, and that reminder is that God offers us unmerited favor over and over again. He gives “grace upon grace.” I often fall into the temptation to try to do everything on my own or I feel as though God won’t love me as much if I mess up, which is absolutely incorrect. God’s grace is never ending and is extended to me even on my worst of days and behaviors.


The first part of my tattoo, “Grace upon Grace,”  is a reminder that I will never not need Jesus in my life. I can’t get through life on my own and enter through the gates of Heaven when I die based on anything that I’ve done. The Bible says that my deeds are as filthy rags, meaning that even if I’m the most amazing person in the world, I still fall short of the requirement needed to be with God forever because of my sin. It is solely through Christ Jesus, and not my own doing, that I receive eternal forgiveness for my sins and can be in right standing before God. I need this reminder every day and every hour, that my loving Father extends grace upon grace to those who seek Him and His mercy.

Now, to explain the next part of my tattoo— the lavender. Not only are lavenders beautiful flowers, but they were the main flowers in my wedding. Lavenders tend to remind me of calmness and serenity. Since I was 13 years old, I have suffered with a panic disorder, and lavender essential oils have been my go-to oils for a sense of peace; however, what’s helped me even more than that is the knowledge that God forever extends to me His “Grace Upon Grace.” So, those are the reasons why I chose to get a lavender with those chain-breaking words as my tattoo.


As for receiving the tattoo itself, I would say that this go-around was very relaxing compared to the first experience. Honestly, I felt like falling asleep!! My tattoo artist kept up great conversation and she was SUPER sweet. It probably helped that her name was Alicia too. 😉  For all those who are curious, I got my tattoo done at Studio 22 in Anderson, South Carolina. I bet you’ll be proud of me for this, I didn’t squirm or feel uncomfortable throughout the whole process!!!  This tattoo probably took us close to an hour and a half to finish— it’s incredibly delicate and detailed, exactly how I wanted it.

I am absolutely in love with the outcome of my new tattoo!!! It is definitely, by far, my new favorite tattoo. Do you have any tattoos? If so, which one of them is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you in the comment’s section below.

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