Make-up Basics for Beginners
- December 5, 2017

Make-up Basics for Beginners

Have you ever walked into the drug store because you’ve decided it was time for a change in your makeup routine? You look at Instagram makeup gurus and think to yourself, “Good grief, this makes no sense to me! What the heck is contouring, how is it done, and you’re baking your face? What is that about?”

Well, don’t freak out! You can achieve a professional, clean, and easy 5 minute make-up look without understanding all the fancy terminology. Let’s face it, not many of us have 45 minutes to an hour to put on makeup. Heck, in the mornings it takes me 30 minutes to eat breakfast, do my makeup, take the dog out, and get dressed.

Why do we need to make our daily lifestyle even more stressful by waking up extra early to transform our faces into a masterpiece? Honestly, unless your a model, an actress, Instagram star, or work for a television cast, do you REALLY need to do a 40-step makeup process in the morning? Of course not!!! So, let’s get down to the basics of what is actually a time efficient and flawless daily-wear makeup look.

Focus on the Eyes

Alright, you’ve woken up in the morning and you have tired eye, dark circles, or simply just “sleepy eyes.” I personally believe focusing your attention most on the eyes is the easiest step to make your face more lively. Typically, the first thing a person notices about you is your eyes. So, how do you give your eyes the kick-start it needs to give you a lively look?

Start with a simple concealer

You’ll want to start with a light/medium coverage concealer (not full coverage, because without a full-coverage foundation you’re going to look like an inverted raccoon, just trust me.) One of the most popular concealers in the drug store market is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind.

Personally, because I’m SO fair skinned, I have to use Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil in their lightest shade, “CIA,” because all other light-coverage concealers are to warm for my cool colored skin. When you apply a concealer, not only does it “conceal” those dark circles, but it also serves as the perfect primer before a little bit of eye shadow. Now, be sure when applying concealer to apply in an upside-down triangle shape under the eye in order to give the illusion of “bright eyes.” If you just do a regular swipe following the shape of the under eyes, it simply makes the bags more prominent.

If you don’t want to spend the typical $15 on a beauty blender, then your ring finger will do the trick just fine. Just be sure, when blending, to tap gently under the eye, because your skin is very delicate.

Apply minimal eye-shadow

This step is so so simple! All you do is choose a light, flesh-toned, matte color and apply over the entire lid; then, you choose a neutral light brown color to apply and blend to the crease like this.

Last but not least, choose a slightly shimmery light color and apply it over the entire lid.

Easy Eyeliner and Mascara

Just this year I’ve started using eye shadow with an angle brush. I begin by making a simple straight line with a slight upper-angle in the corner, just to give my eyes a sort of “lift.” Using eyeshadow — not only is it easier, but also more gentle on your eyes, instead of using an eyeliner pencil and rubbing your eye-lid raw.


Use a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen

You can’t get much more natural than an organic tinted moisturizer with an SPF. The reason I love using a tinted moisturizer, instead of full on liquid foundation, is because it’s more breathable for the skin and offers you the protection that you need from the harmful UV rays while still providing a light coverage; also, it will give you a more dewy look instead of full on matte. When it comes to tinted moisturizer, you want to be sure to choose the best moisturizer suited for your skin type. Here is a list of the voted best tinted moisturizer of 2017!

Pucker Up

Last but not least, lipstick will dramatically give your lips the liveliness that you’re looking for. The best part— pretty much EVERYONE can apply lipstick! You may be thinking, “Okay, yeah. Lipstick is great, but I can never choose from the hundreds of options at the drug store!” Don’t fret. Let’s go over a little lesson on choosing the best lipstick shade for YOU. Lipstick, and choosing any makeup color, is honestly about undertones. You may say, “That’s great, Alicia, but I have no idea what my undertone is.” Here’s a simple guide for you to follow when it comes to choosing a lipstick that compliments your skin tone.

For cool undertones

If you have a cool undertone, then you will have either a pink, red, or even bluish tone to your skin. You can also look at the veins on your wrist; if you have a cool undertone, then you will have either blue or purple colored veins. When looking for the perfect lipstick for cool toned skin, go for a lipstick with either a blue or purple undertone. You typically will want to stay away from any lipsticks with any orange tones.

For warm undertones

If you have a warm under tone, then you are likely to have a more golden, olive, or even yellowish skin. You can use the same trick of looking at your veins; if you have either a green or olive colored vein, then you’re most definitely warm toned. For you, the best colors will actually be more of the orange and reds: typically, the more red, the better! You’ll also be able to rock more pinks and corals!

For neutral undertones

Alright, we have to admit that people with neutral toned undertones are the most lucky. If you’re neutral, then you will have a blue-green vein and you’ll be able to wear every lip-color under the sun. Yes, I’m serious. You have free reign at the drug-store. Sorry, I know that doesn’t narrow down your search a lot. If I were you, I’d choose my favorite colors and ask for a new lipstick every chance I got!

And voila!!


You now have a flawless, easy-to-do, daily makeup routine. No muss, no fuss about getting the perfect cat eye and removing and reapplying eyeliner 6 times! I hope these tips have helped!! What make-up tips would you like to learn more in detail? Feel free to either tell me in the comments or visit my “contact” page!


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