How to Become a Makeup Artist 101
- December 27, 2017

How to Become a Makeup Artist 101

How to Become a Makeup Artist

What was one of the first “real life” question that you can remember you were asked by an adult when you were a kid? For many of us it was ” what do you want to be when you grow up?” Now, I had a lot of aspirations as a kid, and I have always leaned in to my creativity.

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up as a missionary-kid in Brazil and was homeschool basically all the way from k-5 to 12th grade; that being said, it’s true what they say about homeschoolers— we do have a lot of time on our hands, which was never a bad thing in my books. Once I finished my schooling for the day, I had to find some other source of entertainment. Eleven years old, a Claire’s makeup palette,  a couple Walmart makeup brushes, and a lot of extra time on my hands. I had fun and did what I enjoyed doing— makeup.

I’m going to give you my “self-taught-homeschooler” steps on how to become a makeup artist.

Pick up a palette, and go!

I remember my first ever makeup palette that included more than just 3 neutral colors: it was a Claire’s palette that had around 30 different colors, pretty much every color of the rainbow and then some. This particular palette had a very similar smell to crayons and was very chalky in consistency; but honestly, it did the trick.

Now, I wouldn’t really recommend using that palette to start off with. You could very easily pick up a Loreal Nude palette at CVS, and you would barely notice the difference between that and an Urban Decay “Naked” palette. Truthfully, my Loreal palettes are my favorite palettes.

Get on Pinterest

Now, Pinterest didn’t exist when I first started learning how to apply makeup, but I had something very similar…it was this magic thing called a book. Okay, but really, my mom gave me a book she had from when she was a Mary-Kay consultant that had various diagrams on how to apply eyeshadow for your eyes or how to choose the perfect colors for you. The thing I liked most about this book was the diagrams because they were absolutely perfect for learning the basics behind the art. Videos are great, but can sometimes be overwhelming; so, if you don’t want to sit and watch a million different YouTube videos (except mine of course that you can find by clicking here), then Pinterest will have some pretty bomb diagrams for you to follow!

Get Crazy

I think some of my favorite times were when I would be in my bathroom with the door locked, listening to music, and pretending I was some sort of star getting ready to show my face off to the world— or maybe I was imagining myself going on a date with a cute boy..who knows. All I know is I glammed up as if I were about to be photographed, and you should too! Just because you’re not actually going out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. That’s the best time TO try, because if you mess up, or look ridiculous, not many people will know…unless you post it online. Don’t be afraid to choose some funky colors! Here’s an example of when I decided to support my favorite soccer team through the expression of my makeup.

Practice on everyone.

Even before I became a licensed Esthetician I got my hands on everyone I could to practice!! Friends, family, friends of family. See, it’s one thing to be able to apply makeup on yourself, but it’s a whole other ball-park with different people.


Go to school

This one for me is a biggie! Personally, I don’t want someone who hasn’t been trained on proper sanitation doing my makeup, especially when they are using all of her belongings! It’s one thing if it’s a friend and she’s using MY products on MY face, but you know how pink eye can easily spread? Yeah, you guessed it: by using the same unsanitary tools on one person to another. That’s just GROSS. Honestly, I also had one of the best experiences in school when I was able to do makeup for a school fashion show; it really pushed me to become faster, but still precise. We had a short time limit; but, to me, the thrill of having to beat the clock while still creating a masterpiece was AHHMAZING.


Going to school will stretch you in ways you need to be stretched, and it will give you the opportunity to learn from those who are already out in the field working their dream job.

Watch other people’s techniques

Learning to watch other people and their techniques will grow you. It’s important to stay humble, because the beauty industry is always growing and always changing. I mean, look just 3 years back! I don’t remember super prominent brows being THAT big of a deal, now we have hundreds of youtube videos on how people draw their brows! It’s absolutely incredible how fast makeup fads change!!!

Assist other artists

A huge way to learn is to watch the pros themselves! If you have an opportunity to assist someone, say at a wedding, or a fashion show, then you will be able to pick up on different ways they do things. You may find that they have a way to do something quicker and more precise than what you have been doing for years! Assisting someone will also allow you to watch someone in the high pressure environment and see exactly how they handle the pressure.

Never give up

No matter what you do, you will always feel like someone out there is better than you; but, I have learned that you’re not competing with anyone but yourself. The same rule for working out and becoming your best you applies to becoming a makeup artist. Always strive to be better than you were yesterday. Just because there are others who are “better” than you doesn’t mean that your artistry isn’t needed. Personally, I don’t excel in applying makeup the way the Kardashians do; but, that’s okay, because there is a vast majority of women who would rather have a more clean and natural approach to their makeup. Just remember: never give up, practice makes perfect, and YOUR talent is needed.

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