Black Friday Bargains: Unbeatable Deals
- November 25, 2017

Black Friday Bargains: Unbeatable Deals

All the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is upon us! Thanksgiving day has come and gone, we’ve eaten our weight in turkey, and spent much needed time with family. The realization hits you that Christmas is a month away, you haven’t gotten any Christmas shopping done, and you’re looking to save a little money on your Christmas shopping; so, you get ready for battle, put on your comfy shoes, because you know you’re going to be doing a lot of standing in line, and you get ready to face a sea of people all rushing for the “deals of the year”.

Now, the thing about Black Friday is that most of us go in search of the perfect gift for our loved ones; but, the problem is that you didn’t set a game plan and end up finding some AWESOME deals… for yourself.

As a former retail worker, I used to think that Black Friday shopping was overrated and that it was ridiculous to make us work those kind of hours. Truth is, I still do believe the hours are ridiculous. I mean, what happened to Black Friday actually being on Friday?  I know for a fact that one store was open at 4pm on Thanksgiving day. I mean, come on! Let the workers eat and enjoy time with their family on Thanksgiving.

One thing I DON’T find overrated are some of the deals that they have on Black Friday. Some stores have the “once a year, you’re not gonna see this in the middle of summer” kind of deals that I simply CANNOT resist. Other stores might have offers that are decent, but are not worth getting trampled over to purchase whatever item they are offering.

As I shop, I don’t even bother going into the stores that say Buy One Get One half-off (on select items only). Those are NOT deals! If you’ve ever worked any amount of time in retail, then you KNOW that those deals happen pretty often. No, I’m looking for those “doorbuster” deals, and I believe that I’ve found a couple of those this year!


The first bargain that Jackson and I found was a Buy One Get One free on boots at Off Broadway Shoes. We were both in pretty desperate need of new shoes, and as most of you know, boots are especially expensive; however, we spent a total of $82 on two pairs of boots instead of $142! A total savings of $60!


The second bargain deal I found was a New York and Company white jacket for $39.99, when it’s original price was $99.99. Yep, totally a favorite. I mean, look at those gold details!!! So gorgeous.



Jackson and I thought that we were finished with our shopping, but my sister wanted us to go out with her while she went to face the crazy Victoria’s Secret line. I’m so glad we decided to go with her because I stopped at Sephora and found TWO amazing deals on items that I have had on my wishlist for basically forever.

The Apres Ski Glow face Palette by Becca was the first item. I was originally wanting just Becca champagne highlighter that retails for $25.30 alone, but instead I got a pallette that originally cost $54 for the amazing price of $35! I can’t wait to show you guys the gorgeous results that this highlighter palette will give!!! I’ll do that in a future blog post.



Now, last but not least, I got a Marc Jacobs mini lipstick gift set for $25. For a single Marc Jacobs full-size lipstick, you will typically spend around $25; but honestly, it takes me forever to go through an entire stick of lipstick, so finding five different colors for the price of one full-size lipstick makes me an extremely happy camper.



Unfortunately, I didn’t get many gifts for other people on my shopping spree; BUT, I did do some online shopping for some family members. I can’t quite share those deals just yet, being that they’re presents after all. The best part of it all was that I saved roughly $239 on items that I needed to buy anyways.


So what were some of your favorite bargains this Black Friday? I’d love to hear about some of your great purchases down in the comment section.

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