Creativity is Calling Your Name
- November 12, 2017

Creativity is Calling Your Name

“Your fear will always be triggered by your creativity, because creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome, and fear hates uncertain outcome” Elizabeth Gilbert.


Often times we hate to face our fears. We fear rejection, we fear failure, we fear messy. One thing that we fear most is our creativity. We fear that creativity will require dedication and stepping out of our comfort zone. I have found that the only discomfort I face when I do decide to step out of my comfort zone is my fear. When I finally decide to accept fear as a friend and not a foe, I realize the potential that my creativity holds. Sometimes my biggest success is accepting creativity, taking it by the reigns and using my creativity to make something beautiful and unique that only I can make.


Creativity comes in many forms: through dance, song, poetry, medicine, exercise, and even your mere determination to approach daily tasks differently every day.

When creativity comes knocking on your door, don’t be afraid to answer and let it in. Welcome creativity with open arms!

Sometimes, I decide to accept a new idea, and it backfires! It didn’t backfire because I didn’t dive right in, but because I rushed and attempted to achieve all my goals at once.

Patience is important when it comes to a new creation. I mean, we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will any good idea be carried out that quickly. It will take hard labor, sweat, tears, starting overs, and learning to accept your failure as a success. Think about it, if you didn’t mess up, then you wouldn’t have felt quite so excited when you eventually did succeed! It took Thomas Edison 999 failed attempts to create a lightbulb before he finally had a successful bulb. If he had given up after 5, 10, 100, or even 998 tries, then we would be living in a much darker world! So don’t give up on your creative ventures.

Besides needing patience, you will also need time in order to be successful at creating something beautiful. Time is so important, and I find that I often use my time very poorly. Instead of working on new ideas, researching, and finding resources, I find myself pushing the “next episode” button on Netflix!! Aghh!! Our modern technology is absolutely amazing, but think about how much wasted time is spent watching that hilarious cat video instead of learning, exploring, and taking the time to better yourself, in-turn, expanding your creative mind.

The quality of your time that you spend on your work is also very important. Sure, you could try to tackle everything at once, but having an agenda for the day really helps! Planning out how you will use your time will lead to a lot more success; otherwise, you could spend your time working on something trivial instead of something that would drastically help you.

That leads me to my last thought on creativity for the day: we should always be educating ourselves. Reading, researching, learning from others’ expertise, and then expanding and using the knowledge that we have learned to further educate those around us.

I recently have been reading the book “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it has been teaching me things that I never once could have learned without her knowledge. I have attached the link at the bottom of the page for those who are interested in learning how to embrace their creative knowledge, and ready to face the fears that creativity often creates.


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